Saturday 7 February 2015

From the Balcony

It has been some time since I sent anyone any views from our balcony. We have had some impressive storms with visibility under 100m - but a whiteout is just that: white. So I took one shot late last night with preset distance and a flash:

(I was looking slightly East of North, for the critical viewer!)
Otherwise this afternoon it looked like the above. And to the left of this:

And to the right:
And a close-ip of the snow at the lower right corner of the terrace:
And then I started playing. First 2 views of the little bridge:

Interesting what a negative result can be.

Also for our friends at Swift Canoe, a different perspective of what a portage can be:
(Do a mouse-over to get my caption.)
And finally the maple syrup monster(s) have returned:

But I shall protect the supplies of 2014 until this year's begins to flow - wob

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