Thursday 12 February 2015

Railtrail South

On Monday I went skiing just south of James Street, Orillia 3K toward Barrie which is 30+K away.
I originally wanted to ski the trails at Bracebridge Resource Centre but figured too much snow and the parking lot would not be plowed out.

The above is at the beginning of the woods about 1km south of James - but still level with a Timmy's!

There is a swamp or marsh about 2+km south.
This is where the osprey nest. It was covered in snow and I did not photograph it. There is a shelter for horses nearby.
Further south the swamp dominates for 2km. The few trees show the wind:
And this is where I turned around:
Not much action now but turtles nest here, kingfishers fish as do the osprey - wob

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