Tuesday 3 January 2017

It is that time

At this time of year I yearn for my friends and so the following is dedicated to

Krippenaufbau mit einem Lied auf den Lippen

ArsKrippana Krippenausstellung - a Museum from March until November

In the Höfen Krippe there is a piece and a peace of the Eifel
although tank battles were fought there near the end of WW-II

Other Nativity scenes:  Krippenausstellung

Odendorf had many. I knew of 3. One was built up in the former 1 room school house, later enlarged to be the post office when we first arrived and then converted to a private home. Around 2000 I was fortunate and privileged to see a nativity scene  set in  Ondedorf in the 1920s with the actual half-timbered homes still visible out the window. And  camels brought the wise men to the manger in Odendorf.! I have photos and videos but I choose not to display them.

Here in Orillia the tradition is renewed:

Just when this arrival ought to occur is not important any more. Nor how many

It was a time when foreigners were welcome.


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