Thursday 4 January 2018

19C feeling(?) like 29C

I have to appologize to Merry Christmas - of course it should read -19C feeling like -29C. I should not be so lazy. Not everybody has a "feel" for windchill. The wind is 20kmh gusting to 35kmh. A "green flash" caught my I and I had to see what was up. A T-shirt is not adequate, even for a Canadian when the Nor'-west wind doth blow. So I didn't take so many photos, probably too many for those of you in Florida, Texas or Mexico. Incidently, it would be interesting if Mexico were to build a wall for Trump - say for the Mexico prior to Antonio López de Santa Anna taking office.

Anyway, back to the "green flash".

Shall we talk about wind chill?   Or just let our teeth chatter:

The background is fuzzy, actually snowy, because the strong gusts have lifted a lot of snow from the lake in order to dump it in Buffalo or Ottawa or some place in between, as in "the land between".   If you can, watch the TVO series.

Now the snow is up and away!

I understand that Florida received some snow from US today.


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