Wednesday 3 January 2018

Happy New Year from other survivors

Some survivors of the Chicxulub crater   have asked to be represented at the start of 2018 before they are forgotten.  The birds, of course, say don't forget the bird feeder:

However, there must have been other survivors like these friendly reptiles:

What sharp claws, the better to ...

It has been noted that there are a large number of cenotes, pot-holes of fresh water, along the rim of
the former crater. So I shall end this entry with the "cenote house" of Tulum, one of the prettiest buildings in the Tulum archaeological park  - for me:

I visited Tulum on Friday November 17, just 65 million years after the beeg meteor impact. Did see some lesser Geminids in December:

Busman's holiday.

new meaning to W O B ?

A better 2018 than the one the dinos experienced.

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