Monday 8 January 2018

Monday after the weekend

I felt good Saturday morning. There was sunshine, a light breeze but I was sheltered by the trees, and it was cold - I don't remember whether it was still -30C or whether it was already along the rise to -13C that it would reach when I dared start the car. It started but what would I do if it didn't - I was not going to leave until Sunday afternoon.

It was rather pleasant sitting around talking about food, and a 1000piece jig-saw puzzle with a Canadian aurora borealis as theme
Vicki loves to puzzle:

But of course, so do lots of others:

Actually, quite a little party. This scene was on Friday evening and continued until Sunday afternoon.

Back to my walk on the Saturday morning - across a bridge -

Some icicles - the building appeared to be unheated, so the melting was caused by the roof absorbing sunlight.

And there were several chickadees:

The road not taken

Maybe I'll show the way I took at sunset in another entry.


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