Saturday 19 May 2018


I went for a long slow walk on Wednesday and was rewarded with many first time observations - most won't make this blog. Actually the one that I have chosen is the result of an encounter Vicki and I had today with Susan and Bob.

On Wed I saw some Orioles - I think 2 male and a female:

At the time I saw it as a colourful courtship display.

I took more photos but did not understand them:

Until today when one of Susan or Bob named this as a nest:

Just slide/scroll back 2 images to see the change between Wednesday and Friday/today.

Arni will be leading a walk on Sat and the leaves will be thicker so here is a zoom in to the nest:

I am about 13m north of the sign post marked "5" and am looking East. I feel extremely lucky to
a)  have photographed the nest while it was being built, and b) having met people who could tell this blind person what he had been so fortunate to see.

How shall I sign off ?

Much wiser but more humble old bird ?


  1. Dear Dad

    Great photos! Please remember the exact location so you can show me in 10 days.
    Kim /.

  2. These are very good and interesting photos, Bill. I am also wiser now! Love Anne

  3. If my sister is wiser, is the sum of wisdom in the family a constant? Thus proving that I have indeed become slightly more humble?

    My concern is: has a male feathered his nest and his mate trusts his construction? what happened to humanity?