Thursday 10 May 2018

Sunday May 6 - a white box with a black hole

We had stopped the car to look at some activity:

This is a nesting box - for Bluebirds - but being "courted" by an American Tree Swallow.

And since Sunday this image has haunted me, as "the square peg in the round hole".
From wiki:
"England under Seven Administrations, 1837, "Sir Robert Peel was a smooth round peg, in a sharp-cornered square hole, and Lord Lyndenurst is a rectangular square-cut peg, in a smooth round hole."
(I actually saw it as a round hole in a cube box but that is incidental.)

So misfits, if you will, but tenacious:

 - 2 different dragonflies.

An ornamental Dragonfly

And then what might appear to be a broach - but is not.

And it happens not just to flies.

Lots of beings don't fit.

And although there 12 months in a year, it is more like 13 moonths. And here is why:

Count the markings on the shells and then compare:
Obvious, isn't it. So if you are a square, be determined to be your best.

Wise Old Bird

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