Thursday 3 May 2018

The Real McGee

This is what the north side/down stream edge of McGee looked like Tuesday May 1,2018:

And the following were taken in 2017. First on Thursday May 4 when the Creek had a depth of 57cm at the "standard measuring place at the far side/upstream of the bridge.

Clearly deeper than yesterday - maybe by 20cm? making yesterday's depth 37cm approx.

Here is a ruler

I observed some snow in the bush but generally Spring has returned for another year.

Generally, down streamed looked like so on May 1, 2018


Upstream McGee looked unchanged:

For practical purposes, the sun is infinitely far away and so the rays casting my shadow are parallel
and so my shadow hand is also 9cm across, and my head shadow 16cm - in the picture. (As measured here at home with a ruler.)


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