Tuesday 4 September 2018

Lightning strikes twice.

At 5Am on Monday morning there was again a "Light Show" over Rama, again without thunder.

First I shall use the lightning to "paint" the sky - 3 or so images and then I will discuss some comments on "and then it struck me"

I am under the influence of Pierre Sabourin

All photos were taken from the balcony looking at Rama. The first images shows the green leaves on the double tree and the oak - there is light pollution present and I can choose to show it as green or I
can cool the temperature/change the "white balance" as I wish, to blue for instance as in the image above.

For Sat Sept 1 I altered the white balance a lot:

The lower image has extreme sharpening as well to emphasize the lightning strikes. Cropping is also used for emphasis:

And while colour can be dramatic, so can greyscale:

All were taken "hand-held", both storms, so painting is an option. Colour, contrast, too.

Exposure time: 20 and 30 seconds, ISO often low at 400. The flash is the actual exposure to light, and that occurred as one can see, several times while the shutter was open. It would not usually matter very much if the camera was moving  during the shutter opening if there were no identifiable objects in the field of view. And on one occasion that was what was wished, and on another, not.


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