Sunday 3 February 2019

Another name for wind chill: squalls!

Of course I was out and enjoying the change in scenery, or the scenery being changed by the "north wind doth bloweth and we shall have snoweth" - or something almost but not quite a white-out.

Just moments apart, as I turned my head just a little to the right.

And why power lines ought to be underground:

And they do - to enter our building:

Makes me cold just thinking about the howling wind, although I was quite warm at the time. I think the temperature was -12C and wind chill -17C but I kept in the lee of Leacock after these photos, Dumb - yes, but not stupid?

Snow Bird

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  1. Bill, Toronto weather and scenery were quite different from yours on Sunday and Monday. We had a real Spring Thaw with the 30cm of snow from a week earlier melting before our eyes. But today is sub-zero with high winds and ice pellets; and with the forecast for freezing rain this afternoon there have been cancellations of school buses, university classes, etc. I guess we Canadians always talk about the weather because it is so entertaining??