Wednesday 6 February 2019

Friday went missing

Actually, we went to the play "Cottagers and Indians" by Drew Taylor - and if he can use the word, Indians, then it is OK with me. C. Columbus knew he had not travelled far enough but he had shareholders to please, hence the PR work of 1492.

I digress. My sister chose to visit us - so much for relatives not being able to chose relatives but only friends. I take her choice highly personal and find it very reassuring in this complex world. We went for a walk together and these images are from that occasion.

The lighting was that magical cool period around sunset. We walked the local ice highway.

that leads from Moose Beach to Wilson's Point, about 8km long.

Sounds - missing - and lights:

For those who have never seen a snow mobile . like a motorcycle in speed and noise running on a conveyor belt like a tank tread.

Makes one yearn for the peace and quiet of summer, and Sea-doos!

a little cold for the life guards.

W  O   Burrr d

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