Monday 11 February 2019

Go fly a kite!

Mom used to say: "Write about what you know." That meant stay away from fiction and stick to science. However, I am very ignorant about science!

So I became an observer, complete with failings as well. However, on Saturday, the snow had stopped and the skies cleared - why plural "skies"?

How many can you count?

The skier attached to the blue traction kite did some big jumps but I don't  think I managed to capture any - too busy watching. (From our balcony.)

For contrast and as a comparison, the next shots were taken in October 2011 with the previous Pentax but same zoom.

I was on the beach looking north - so 90 degrees left of the direction from the balcony.

The  flier was about 1km away in the previous 3 shots. In the next shots , he is only 3m away:

The kites are approx 5m by 2m.

Still looks like fun - from the safe position on the balcony!

Would I like to try it?

Wise Old Bird !

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