Thursday 14 May 2020

3 Birds to identify

Vicki and I saw this bird in the morning where we have in other years seen Killdeer:

Any comments?

OK, I think I can live with Killdeer even if the images are not so hot.

The next bird I observed along the shore of Lake Couchiching. I have the most photos of it, both against and with the sun. Also at the end in flight:

This "stretching" of the neck was repeated frequently over several minutes and I think was associated with feeding on flies that were quite numerous. I was wearing my Covid-19 mask to keep ,the flies out!

I was tracking the bird in flight so not as bad as it might have been.

Then a third bird flew back to the shoreline:

Might this last one also be a Killdeer?

If so what is the one in the middle? And if not what could it be?



  1. Killdear and Greater Yellow Legs.

  2. Does the bill turn up enough for it to be a Greater Yellowleg?