Sunday 10 May 2020

Snow (ball) - dance of the merry ones

For a week now, I have been planing to put up "The Heron and the ... " but continue to put it off.  And today I want to remember some friends who cannot be here. However, first, the promised snows of the past few days with more to come - like later this evening!

So the west toward Leacock:

There are probably 10 hours between thes photos - like I am not counting individual flakes, although I can:

 - no picnic just now, even on the balcony or above:

 Looking NNE:

Not much to see beyond 200m.

And toward Rama:

After the "theatre" the lights come back up:

And to the west where I started:

And on the ground:

Not much to show for the winds and waves,


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