Sunday 10 May 2020

Mothers' Day - Mothering Sunday

It is an emotional time for me, for us: we all have mothers. For many of us, our mothers are separated from us in time and space but not from our hearts and our souls. Some time ago, but with this in mind, I gathered my thoughts around Spring, my origin, My sequence starts on the Black River, maybe on, certainly near, indigenous land. The river is black but flows from white snow melt - something we should not forget when we look around at others - who also have mothers.

The red colour grows on the Dogwood

Vicki and I spent several visits here, so beautiful.

Now I am moving over to the north end of Lake Couchiching and into the woods for a moment.

There is a connection here:

Do you see it?

The Spring flowers are growing among the Autumn leaves - you cannot have one without the connection to the other. Is that observation worth a PhD? It is certainly worth life and might just sustain humans if we should ever learn about "sapiens" before we are Dodos.


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