Thursday 6 August 2020

McGee Creek Revisited

 Vicki and I were looking at potential sites for the Perseid Meteor Shower since the pandemic has led to the cancellation of our programme in Killarney Provincial Park this summer.

We were struck by the new bridge railings on Shrike Road:

This is a view looking North with "upstream" on the right, and "downstream" on the left.

First "upstream":



Now from the left side of the left side:


 And the left side but from the right:

And now a look to the right side -

Now let us look down stream:

Hard to imagine that we are looking at the spot where we had our picnic when we were first introduced to this stream! It looks like the beaver have returned. The water is 50 to 70cm deep and the stream is meters wide today where it was only 30-40 cm wide 5 years ago. The water level is high because of the storms on Sunday and Monday - everywhere in this area has visible surface water where normally in August there would none and McGee Creek might have just 5-10cm in the "channel".. Everywhere the vegetation is "lush", and there were lots of cattle near the stream when we arrived.

New Google format - have to see what it does to the blog.


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