Saturday 15 August 2020

The Search for Waldo, the Wise

 Now Waldo has left a trail:

So one needs to know that I am seeking NEOWISE on the night of Fri/Sat Aug 14/15 at about 2AM UTC. So a more detailed sky chart is required:

You can begin to see the problem - the horizon and at the local time of 10PM or 22:00 there is still twilight there in the West plus light pollution from lights pointing skyward to help the aliens land and kidnap some uncle, I have heard.

Note Arcturus and Muphrid and find them in both the upper chart where the comet path is depicted and the next chart which goes very faint:

Same orientation.

And now where is Waldo the WISE?

Arcturus is in the upper right and then below and right but still above the middle you can see the group of stars "headed" by Muphrid.

Please let me know - WOB

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