Saturday 8 August 2020

Multi-tasking? Meteor observing at Panic Point

 I had troubles finding any sightline for the comet NEOWISE but did see one meteor for the effort:

Corona Borealis is half way on the left side. The comet ought to be in the trees bottom right and the meteor trail is upper right - might be a Kappa Cygnid - Cygnus was nearly overhead.

 The glow is from the city of Orillia to my West.

There were 2 other meteors recorded:


 I had the feeling at the time that it was horizontal and so above Perseus, a sporadic. Now I am not so sure. The other example has a flatter incline:

The glow is from the road junction, #12 with Atherley Road at Tudhope Park.

The Park itself  looks quite pretty and was my focus when the Moon rose:


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