Thursday 25 February 2021

Virtual reality

 Or how I get excited while out birding:

I was down by the Narrows, on the Lake Simcoe shore.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear:

Ii was stocking the Mallards!

How I wish my sister was here - she is always teasing me.

But sadly, she was not. She has been vaccinated, however, as a care giver. She is much much younger than I am - I know I can remember when she arrived.

Brought by a stork?



  1. Dear brother, I shall return! Perhaps with the butterflies and dragonflies this spring/summer. I have recently seen a photo of a coyote in my Toronto neighbourhood -- I am of course close to the Don Valley Park system. Also, these February mornings when I walk the dog (around 8am) the cardinals are calling out to each other persistently, along with today the tapping of a woodpecker. How I wish you were with me for this morning's walk. But sadly you were not...

  2. You can choose your friends, but how lucky I am to have my dear sister choose me!