Thursday 8 January 2015

Comet Lovejoy

What does one do when it is a real -27C and 10:30 at night? Well if I am stupid enough to think of that question it should not surprise you that Vicki and I went over to Gill Street to where it winds around along the shore of Lake Simcoe. And we parked in the short interval where we were allowed to park - law abiding astronomers that we are.

In German but the times refer to end of twilight and elevation of the comet, and moon rise and elevation of comet.
I am afraid I rushed the photos bcause it was chilly and clouds were moving in. So the images are not as good as you can do. The baton is being passed on:
Below are 3 30second exposures at 18mm focal length:
Same image, different processing:

You can see the cloud. We had no trouble seeing the comet even with the bright moon and cirrus. Weather forecast is not good for us but I hope you will have more success - wob


  1. Hi Dad,
    Good for you! We've been looking but the weather hasn't been too cooperative. The two evenings I thought might be clear enough turned out to be too hazy to see the comet :-(

    Kim /.

  2. The comet is "bright", and still approaching both the earth and the sun for a little while. And it is moving up the RIGHT/west side of Orion past Aldebaran and the Pleiades, so prime sky and so is visible after the end of twilight - say 18:30 - before bedtime!