Friday 9 January 2015


It is Friday, mostly, often, sunny, in between there are snow squalls, white-outs, and occasional snow storms.
By the way, this photo matches quite well the current background image, with the willow on the left and the "double" tree on the right. I think Jens may have taken the background image in September 2010 and used it when he set up this blog to save himself and Kim from a fate worse than death: a clogged email inbox, well maybe exagerated.

Some poor souls do have to work even on Fridays. I have sympathy for them since I used to work on Fridays, too.
I think he is a fisherman.

I think I might add that I biked 15min, strode 15min, swam 100m crawl, shopped with Vicki for 100min and then at 5pm actually ran 2K in the snow and on snow - no hills, just flat safe trail to the east of us.


  1. Pretty! Yesterday we were at +10°C and storm today it's supposed to go up to +15°C, still very gusty.
    Kim /.
    P.S. I've already biked 50 km this week.

  2. As I wrote, I ran my first 2K this 2015. I shall try again soon - maybe today? to do
    another 2K. Shall we try to bike/run together and encourage ourselves to be just that little bit fitter than a baked spud with sour cream? (Couch potatoe for the others!)