Friday 30 January 2015

Rentner am Friday

Für Ute und Christa, Jörg and Volker, für Jutta, Christian, Renate und Manni,Claudia,Tom, Anne, Ann, Anne., Reinhold,Werner, Helga, Reiner,  Andrea, Heide, Daria, Marianne, Peter und Angela, Angelica und Peter, Marie und Peter, Veronica and Brian, Susan and Gordon, Norrie, Paula , Mike and Adrian, Kim and Jens, Maike and Rory, Kathleen, Mary, Jean, Vicki, Anne, Ann, Lorena, Ali, Jessica,(3 times a good person!), Carla, Rob, George and Nora, Tony, Rob, Sonja, Harald, Margot, Margret,Mirco, Jessica - another! Karl, Helga Annelisa, Herbert,Suzanne,Michael,Mike, Maik,Jan,Jens,Sarah,
Gisela und Ferdi, Rosie und Armin, Jitke und Paul, Alok, Al, another Rob, Dave, Alex, Katrina, Adrian,
Andreas, and Michael,Walter, Kazuko, Silvia, Annita, Matheus,Yuri,Janice,Janet, Ernst, Helena, Jenny, et co, and co again. Who did I miss - several Daves, Bills, Adas, Peters, Hagi, Mary, Jean, Elizabeth, Gail,Sandy,Ian,Shirley,Linda,Barry,George,Stewart,Catherine,RonMarne,Waren,Kathy,D'Arcy,Johannas, Valerie, Katje, Jean-Francois,Fabio, Nadira,Timothy,Kay,Hans-Peter,Jens-Peter, Sarah and Sarah!,Kelly,Mathew,Brenda,Pierre,Trevor,Hilary,Liz,Lindsay,Gundula,Walter,Peter, Frank,Leonid,Vera,Manfred,Renate,Gisela,Ferdi,Marianne,
Silvia, Bella, Ryan,Sophia, Joan, George and Ken,

Those who have to work and those who have worked. cats and dogs, horses, runners Too much oxygen
forced in at high speeds and velocities; too much sun, snow comets, dust, ice, and wind


It is always colder with the moon:
Snow maybe 10cm deep on crystal snow - beautiful   ----    wob


  1. Lovely photos my dear brother. Thank you for them, and for visiting today. I miss you already.

  2. Pancakes are for breakfast, the blog is forever!