Thursday 23 July 2015

1000 Words! No camera but Aurora this morning - beautiful

Yesterday was a very active day for me showing the sun to 50-60 young library visitors.
The sun was rather quiet so I did not expect to see anything during the night. However ...

I was awakened around 2:30am by something - maybe a star shining our window? At 2:45
I finally got to have a look and there was a band across the NNE horizon. Husband's dilemma: to waken wife or not. If a husband locks his wife and dog in a room for an hour, who will be happy to see him when he opens the door? Hint: it wags a tail; the other choice is the lawyer starting divorce proceedings!

I woke up Vicki and we spent an hour on the balcony watching the arc become curtains and streamers. There was some colour, mostly green but an occasional touch of purple-red. The intensity varied on a scale of minutes, I guess.

Sorry my camera is not working - did take it out to show it what it was missing, but the shutter did nothing. I do not think this a 1000 words but will have to do - maybe a reflection of my photographic skills? Oh  yes, there were reflections off the lake. I do hope Vick managed some good images. I did manage eventually to get her to use the tripod - wag a tail, wob

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