Thursday 2 July 2015

I am doing something about the heat

Janet in Germany is concerned about the heat. I am sending you "New Horizons"
This will appear on Tue July 14. You might also be interested in Alan Stern, the "driver" to Pluto
For Al with near 40C temps and fires producing so much smoke he cannot see the sun - he should not be stoking the fires just to get record high temperatures - I am delivering a frozen sandbox  
on Aug 13 just after the Perseid Meteor Shower
 There is a lot more

In the meantime weather here in Orillia is just so-so

At least it is not raining. And the bugs are not too bad - but they do ask for Volker
(Die Mückem fragen nach Volker)

It is more the wind that puts me off from doing white-water canoeing!

So much for Canada Day

And I am not complaining about this - it is a dry cold!


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