Tuesday 7 July 2015

And more things: Pluto and fish!

This just arrived from NATURE:   24 hours of Pluto 
The fly-by is on July 14 and the results will take 26 months to be returned to earth. No conspiracy, just vast distances and low data transmission rates - I think they practised here in Canada?
Maybe too much practice?

Friends and colleagues in Germany have taken time off from Rosetta to work on some radio experiments. I hope that come September, results about Pluto and 67P will become available. I might also be lucky in October to meet the New Horizons pilot, Alan Stern,

Now I have just answered an email which reminded me that I was busy yesterday observing a rather large slender fish about 40cm long - longer than my feet stretched out before me in the kayak - in perhaps 50cm deep water near the Leacock boathouse.

I do not know what kind of fish - not a bass, not quite a sucker or a pike. A sturgeon?

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