Tuesday 7 July 2015

Belted Kingfisher

I saw my first kingfisher, maybe in 1987, certaily in 1989 in Algonquin/Opeongo Lake. Here on Lake Couchiching they tend to be shy - maybe because there are not too many places where they can hide from so many people. And here comes another one!

I know where the nearby nest is and try not to linger there too long - did drive off a raccoon from the area last year. The female is on the left with the rusty "belt". Maybe the male, probably a youngster on the right. The kingfishers were back very early this Spring with the lake still mostly ice-covered. I was surprised.

I took 24 photos that were worth reducing in size - ie., were in focus - but these were the closest I managed to get. I think you can tell that it was hot.

I have had some troubles with the Internet, so Knossos, while nearly ready, will not be going up soon. I might manage my Saturday tour of Mariposa this afternoon. It is complete but I was thinking of adding some images taken a couple of years ago from on-site.


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