Friday 4 December 2015

3 o'clock in the morning

It is now mid-morning, 5 swans are sleeping on the lake below me.

And I recall once again my nightmare. I must have awaken around 3am
and finally got out of bed at 3:51 - and yes it was cloudy, no aurora.

It all began last Sunday night when I received an email from the
library: 4 books were due but I could not renew them online. (Can,
maybe, now.)

So Monday afternoon I walked over to return 2, renew 2 books - and
incidently noticed that their 3D printer(!) was down for maintenance.
When I was back home I realized that I had left my library "card"
back at the library. I had asked the always friendly and helpful staff
to show me how to login to renew library books. Anyway my "card" was
found and I would pick it up next day.

That night/next day Tue I received an email from the European Space Agency,
ESA announcing a new computer model to the comet 67P Churyumov-
Gerasimenko being studied by the Rosetta Mission. The model came with
full 3D printing instructions. Sooo I packed up my 3D model that ESA
gave me last November for the landing(s) of Philae on 67P.

Vicki drove me over to the hospital for my hand rehab and as I got out
I noticed how bad . irregular the pavement surface was, as I stumbled.

After rehab I walked over to the library and picked up my "card" and asked
whom I should ask about the 3D printer. And began outlining an idea.
The idea has stalled for the moment but my brain has continued to "think".

I need some more info about how to control the size of the model, how much
material is involved and how long will it take. Ideally I would make
segments every - afternoon, say - over the course of say 45 minutes. And
then after several days I would have all the pieces to put together to
have - again say a 1:100,000 - model of 67P. I think it would be fun,
exciting for the library users and possibly be of general interest to
the citizens of Orillia.

During this daydream I stumbled and fell, my model rolled out of my hands.
the police thought it was a bomb and blew it up and killed me. And that
is when I woke up. Too much American news for me to handle.

Here is a video on 3D printing of 67P

One thing is certain: I am not a snowbird who migrates!


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