Monday 28 December 2015

If it doesn't snow on Christmas - try again

The temperature fell today. We went shopping this afternoon and it was -7C and a bitter cold wind. All senses are relative to +20C just a couple of weeks ago.

I set the camera on a tripod - thanks, Claudia, shutter speed to 0.5sec F7.1 and ISO 3200 - no filter
but did change the white balance in the compute (Paint Shop Pro).

Focus was "out there" somewhere less than infinity and more than 4m.and varied between shots. There was lots of snow on the balcony and I slipped on occasion. And I was wearing shorts - heat training for -30 C!


And a Tuesday morning post script:

And although the radar map above shows us to be "clear" it is nevertheless snowing.


  1. We got very wet snow with high winds Monday evening and drizzle much of Tuesday, here along the shores of Lake Ontario in the east end of Toronto. The winds swept one of our cedar wood Muskoka chairs off our front deck a few metres to the side of the house! Hello Winter!
    Stay warm, Anne

  2. Today, Wednesday, plus again. And last year I wore out the - minus sign!

  3. Hello Winter, I have a new keyboard with a "+" and a "-" available.
    Last night was -14C but now the forecast is for rain?