Wednesday 2 December 2015

Saturday November 7

Lake Couchiching, lake of the laughing or smiling waters, lake below a lake - translate the name or the idea as you wish. Fortune smiles here any way you want to look. The following were mostly taken from on the balcony but I start with the view that caught my attention:

I cannot believe that it took so long to post - but then I have not finished with Knossos or Alberta.

I had the idea I could pursuade you to accept this as an Orillia aurora:

What do you think? Is it dark enough?

It really was close to us - near enogh to touch. I moved two, yes 2 steps to my right for the next shot:

It left me with a glowing feeling:



  1. Maybe "Bird" should be changed to "Santa" at this time of year

  2. Well, please keep it a secret! Bird reminds me of "Big Bird" and that in turn to the stealth bombers. Do you know that the Rosetta Mission in terms of year 2000 currency when 1 Euro = $1 US, cost just 1 stealth bomber - and the USA made at least more than 50 such planes and Europe only 1 mission to a comet. Further, the probe, Philae carried an experiment, COSAC, designed to measure the chirality or "handiness" of amino acids. Wrong-handed amino acids and deformed proteins have been found in the brains of those who have died with Alzheimer's. If one can make observations on a distant object maybe soon there will be a way to measure this in young living people. There ought to be a connection, you "STEM" people.