Thursday 10 March 2016

3 days of > plus 10C leads to todays fog and introspection: Pantala flavescens and The Last Chameleons

The winter blahs for me are mild humid days when I cannot get out on snow or ice safely. Fortunately for me I have a colourful supply of memories, some of which I am going to share now.

The title of the photo was taken from a poem about daffodils.

Lots of evidence for damsels and dragons - probably damselflies:

It was while I was recalling this canoe trip last June/2015 that an email arrived - willed? - about the
globe skimmer
wandering glider

And there is a 16 minute video from the TED series by Charles Anderson

 There is a scientific paper - pdf - which you can down load for free entitled
A Global Population Genetic Study of Pantala flavescens
 Newsweek, too

And if you like these you might also like the 3rd part of a 3 part series by  Scientific American about:
(If you open this you can also then click on parts 1, and 2 as you wish.)

Now, wasn't that good way to get lost in the fog? Comments would be enjoyed.


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