Sunday 6 March 2016

Spring has sprung - biking Saskatoon and Orillia

I have known Al since Spring 2004 when I did a digital photography course via the Internet with him - he in CA-land and I in DE-land. Don't expect this to be too logical. I had a film camera and each week I bought a roll of 12 Exp Fuji 400 film, exposed on the topic Al gave us, turned it in on Mon and then did the course work before the "best before due date" as it were.

Al went biking today and had to set his bike computer, a BC 8.12 SIGMA. He claims that he had to invent the wheel to get into metric but I don't believe him. He also claims quite wrongly that I could have done it all in 20 minutes. Not so sure any more. It is best to buy thes high tech computers while you are young, flexible and dynamic and not wait until the calcium deposits are in your hair, through and through.

Anyway, he was kind enough to video some of his bike trips and I thought I would share with him - and you too, a bike trip I did on May 28, 2014 when the world was still young and innocent. I, too calibrated my journey but I will spare those details.

Km 1 - Gordon Lightfoot, Trails for Life, heading toward Orillia down town:

Km 2 at the harbour:
I coninued along the shore road to the painted turtle at km6:

There were trilliums at km 8:
From this point I was on the former CP railbed, now a fine multi-user trail:

For comparison in that year April 6 and May 28:

This year there has been no accumulation of snow - every 3-5 days the temperature swings between -20s and plus 10s Centigrade. I did not go out on the lake to ski today because the surface is quite uncertain.


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