Wednesday 16 March 2016

Flash technique applied

Last Wednesday, the Orillia Camera Club had Andre Beneteau  as guest speaker. An excellent
speaker and demonstrator of the indirect flash. Unfortunately(?) I have not purchased a flash for my camera and only use the built in one to the disadvantage of my friends and myself.

However, 2 days ago, while admiring some tulips given to Vicki by a friend of ours, I got an idea to try.
Here is the first shot without flash:

ISO 3200, F/8 1/8 sec

And here is one with flash but not direct - I inserted an envelope at a 45 degree incline to direct the flash to the ceiling:

As above except 1/180 sec.
The flower is oriented to face the horizon so ceiling scattered light enters from the top of the frame. In both cases, natural light is entering the tulip face on from behind me and the camera.


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