Sunday 18 December 2022

A small group of "reddish" birds at Leacock

 It was mid afternoon on Saturday December 10th when I saw these birds fly into some deciduous trees at the back of the museum just in from Leacock "lane". 

I have tried sharpening the images and then enlarged them to show the bird on the right

of the trio. There may have been more in other trees. Also after the above shots I moved to try and get a better - at least different angle on them-

I am not familiar with this bird - Bill, as opposed to WOB!


  1. Hard to tell without a size reference. If the birds are maybe a bit larger than a sparrow I would say probably finches, with the males in red and the female in brown. House finch is probably the most common and therefore most likely, but there are also Purple and Cassin's finches if you are in their range. You would need a clearer shot of a male's head to see where the red is and if there is brown or gray in certain parts of the face. I', sorry, I can't tell from here.
    Kim /.

  2. Considering the 90° of spherical distance between us, you have done very well - better than I could do at 50m!