Tuesday 27 December 2022

Winter storm, "Elliott"

 Many of you are wondering at images you are seeing of masses of snow being dumped upon the USA, It is not funny. Many have died already.

The problem is in part caused by the heating of the Great Lakes so that they are very warm and not at all frozen as they should be. So cold  air masses flowing over these heat engines gather water vapour and like any good refrigerator - running on electrical energy or on any other source of energy - produce a cold product, in this case mostly snow.

Compounding the situation was to call the storm "Elliott" with 2 "t"s, The Scottish poet James Hogg, the "Ettrick Shepherd", wrote in 1811, that one could lock out a storm of English if one was Elliot of Lariston as was successfully demonstrated as needed in the 1560s. It was so successful that maybe it was forgotten? I never heard it being sung last week, although a recording is available if you click on this line.

Our " doors were not locked and we are digging ourselves out of our ignorance! 


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