Sunday 25 December 2022

The Art of Shovelling Snow

 First find some snow in which to practise. Take this bench:

Don't shovel everything or people will not recognize your work!

A red shovel left in plain view identifies you:

One can also see it easily from a distance.

This is fine for single use and light snowfall. However, when one graduates to the street level then it helps to get a team together:

Note the colourful shovels and the car. Life isn't always so accommodating. It helps to have chosen a car colour that stands out. For example, this VW Bug/Käfer:

Ribbons help the driver to locate his car or Auto.

We next move on to pleasure shovelers who roam about singing hockey songs and other Christmas carols:

Remember not to do it all at once:

Effort counts and does warm the heart - beware of over enthusiasm and heart attacks - there is always Valentine's Day and Family Day in February.

This is just snow shoveling as a recreation, as a sport or something one does for pleasure.

There are several more levels here in Canada but I will show just one more at the individual level before closing: the serious one-man show person. The person attracts attention with "lights and whistles". Still, one should not get in the way of a busy person!

A private citizens is chosen at random to demonstrate scale. Note, too, the green stake at right - probably used to keep snowmen from running about?

This has a good dentist! The teeth don't need "freezing"!

For scale, again note the green stake:

This toy costs around $10,000 - I don't know about drivers' tests or licenses.

I hope this was fun - see you in the gym - WOB

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  1. Great winter perspective. Sorry mother nature is back to her old tricks.