Tuesday 29 September 2015

Me and my shadow

Yesterday we flew back from Germany. From the wake-up call to bed was more than 23 hours. Our visits with friends and relatives - old and new - were very pleasant, even if brief. As they say, good fences make good neighbours! (But 8 hour flight back was a tad long,)

Here was the take-off from Amsterdam:

I hear some whinning about house prices dropping if a wind turbine were built in the neighbourhood. I personally am more concerned about nuclear reactors built for profit and not maintained.

Wind turbines can be situated so that they do not intrude. And quality turbines do not make much noise - just the sound of the wind in the forest. More noise means loss of energy..How many can you count? The towers, I think, are 50m tall and the vanes or sails are 27m long.

Now the other event of Monday in Europe - still Sunday for parts of North America - was the total
lunar eclipse.  In Germany Michael saw it.
Jens got up in the cold dawn, too
And it was cold where Al was
 And also here
I was too late.

However, from the airplane I saw this Monday night:

So sometimes it pays - no it does not - Hope everyone is well, wob

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