Friday 18 September 2015

Seek and you shall find

I was in Scout Valley looking for dragons and dungeons when I saw these 2 objects. At first I thought the
white thing was a scorpion - but we don't have such things here, do we? But at home I thought maybe a
spider. When I see an object for the first time and read that it is "common" I begin to doubt that I am a very good observer!

It is about 1cm across the body - and at eye level! Boy; I was still young enough to be curious at a white spot on a leaf.

The next object was on a poplar/birch-type tree that was shading me while I was trying to see a little bird. I think it is quite attractive but again an indicator of how little I see even when I am out looking.

Mouse-over for a suggested name. There appears to be some variation in colour. I have a couple more shots of this from the side and in different lighting of anyone is interested.


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