Monday 21 September 2015

Natural Art

I went into Scout Valley late this afternoon looking for dragonflies. And while I did find some - took more than 20 shots, 10 of which are interesting - I decided to portray other aspects on a late summer's day.

My first visitor was this locus/grass hopper.

The next is an apple tree, 1 of several, probably dating back to pre 1920. My sister Anne ponted out to me on Saturday how few kinds of apples are now available in the stores. Sad that so many good varieties have been subdivisioned.

From the apples on the ground I think these are "transparents".

And now some flowers:

The lighting was good so I tried it out on a tree trunk:
Almost black and white.

I have search for that white spider without success - but there are many other spiders. This one was hanging in the middle of the path so I went around it:

Maybe 5-6mm?

And finally some colour:

I called this last image: Summer Backdrop for Autumn.

This is a day to give thanks for the time and ability to see.  wob


  1. Nature in autumn, as captured in your photos, is stunningly beautiful -- as long as the sun is shining! Thanks for these. Love, Anne

  2. Thanks, Anne. I also have a few images from the night as well as from showers. Rainbows of course require both rain and sunshine