Sunday 20 September 2015

When all else fails, read the instructions!

OK, I am great! Even at 4AM I can function - i.e., read the handbook and change a new camera setting, ISO100 to ISO1600. And it apparently worked, too.

This is what ISO100 showed my sleepy eyes:

Not much. However, I could see the streamers and I knew Al would be getting an alert. So indoors, lights on and read! New tiny button appeared with the designation, "ISO"! This is getting serious:

Too bad about the light polution.

That is the Big Dipper rising between  the 2 trees with Mizar-Alcor
 just off the top right of the willow left of the flag.



  1. Pretty aurora!
    Kim /.

  2. Amazing what a little education, i.e., reading can do!

  3. Beautiful sky with the big dipper and aurora! And did you see this/photograph this from your balcony? A million dollar view! Love Anne