Monday 21 September 2015

Orillia art

As a "permanent" tourist here in Orillia one/I certainly soon begins to appreciate the living historical artistic roots which include the Anishinaabe as well as the Group of 7/Carmichael and Music/Glenn Gould 
and Gordon Lightfoot
Every year(?) there has been a theme - at least since I moved here in 2010. Guitar, Boat, Chair, Letter, and this year Door - I am missing one.
Last year there were the letters "READ" in front of the library so I was curious yesterday to see what might be there (I actually had already been there but had no photo):

 Some themes from other years were also "hanging around" -
Accompanying each year's theme are banners. Here are a couple from this year:
There are dozens of doors - dozens of every theme expressing imagination. The sailboats really inspired artists:

The chairs seemed to find afinity with Leacock - here are some at his boat house and home:

Hope this starts your week with some smiles and inspiration.


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