Monday 31 October 2016

The witching hour is approaching - and all my ideas have disappeared!

The problem began with the blog entry that something like 5% of the universe is visible - all the rest is missing in the form of missing matter and dark energy with energy convertable to mass according to Einstein. On October 23, just after the "witching hour" 1:06, Jens wrote "Whoever has eaten plum pudding with you at Christmas knows where you've hidden all the dark matter." And I said I would reply, just that all my notes have been witched away - although someone suggested looking in my room.

Ah, here is something, but fuzzy - maybe the warp-drive is under powered? There is a lot of red here - could it have something to do with Autumn?  Why Do Leaves Change Colour in Autumn? 
or Why Do Autumn Leaves Change Colour? 
(There is a 2:20 video here)

And then How Plants Prepare for Winter
Why would a plant use energy to make these red pigments, when the leaves
will soon fall off? Some scientists think that the anthocyanins help the
trees keep their leaves a bit longer. The pigments protect the leaves
from the sun, and lower their freezing point, giving some frost protection.
The leaves remain on the tree longer, and more of the sugars, nitrogen and
other valuable substances can be removed before the leaves fall. Another
possible reason has been proposed: when the leaves decay, the anthocyanins
seep into the ground and prevent other plant species from growing in the spring.

The picture is becoming clear - does not look like leaves, Could it be the Great Pumpkin?
(25:16 video from 1966: Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown) I enjoyed this but for some of you power metal heads maybe this sound track is better - and shorter at 13:18 - Helloween- Halloween
Remind me to get my video up - however, I would not be able to play the above soundtrack to it so learn the music off by heart, will you?

Of course with harvest just in one recalls the story of the Three Little Pigs

Ah, Jens! The plum puddings have not disappeared - they are hanging out with a crowd of maple syrups, waiting for the big bumpkin to visit them.

Happy Halloween,


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