Monday 17 October 2016

Thunder and lightning, very very frightening

Dinning out?

Some hail on the table on the balcony.

Can you see the splashes? The last was a flash - so is the next:

Some hail but mostly large rain drops. They are washing out autumn colours:

That is streaky rain at 1/50sec, ISO 3200.

The next 2 are of the same scene - first with flash:

That is the outline of what we call the "double" tree. The next is a grey scale shot with "waterfalls" from the floors above us pouring by on the left and right sides:

The storm didn't do us any damage but apparently on CBC a roof collapsed on an Orillia building - in Collingwood! - have not been able to verify this. In another enty I'll show you what some birds were doing.



  1. Good pics of the storm that Toronto didn't get! But I heard Collingwood had tornado-like winds. And great photos earlier in the month of the autumn colours -- breathtaking scenery! Thanks. Love Anne

  2. You are more correct than the CBC was. And the colours in Marchmont today/Sat Oct 22 were also breath-taking. We have been blessed with colour at room temperatures. So please accept -30C and colourful cheeks in the future. Love Bill