Thursday 27 October 2016

Memories - II

How can I have "II" when I have not posted "I" yet? Well, I have my thoughts on this and decided to delay the first entry closer to another entry which ought to appear around Monday - in response to a comment from a friend to the previous blog on the dark universe.

This morning, right on weathernet schedule, it began to snow - not much, just enough to recall that in 2010 we had - here - 10cm snow at the beginning of November and 10C plus by the end of November. And 2 winters ago - Jan.Feb 2014 - I could ski on top of the picnic tables in the park and pretend to ski jump from the table - German joke: the bottom of a ski jump is called a "Tisch" or table -

Sorry about the rotation. - So that was Tue Feb 25, 2014.

And today?

It may be awhile before I ski - but I remember how - still !!!


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