Tuesday 11 October 2016

A different kind of reflection

Between the posting of the last 2 blogs I went for a walk in Scout Valley to the west of Orillia. And I was thankful for 2 reasons -
1) I had seen the beauty of Algonquin Park a week earlier but was aware that a similar beauty was available to me, here, if I chose to go outside and look.
2) I as a male am not colour blind as some of my friends are. I am especially thinking about my friend Barry who is thankful to have survived a triple by-pass. He is one of the fastest pickers of ripe strawberries that I know.

This entry is for him and for Linda. And yet I am not sure how to interprete "muddy colours" for our "red". I have tried by going grey scale. And by the way I am deliberately using Canadian-English spelling for "colour" and "grey" because Barry has adopted Canada by choice - so not an accidental Canadian. I think that is wonderful, too.

To those of us who can see there is much to be thankful.


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