Thursday 22 December 2016

Manatory drivers' test - also for Santa?

It has been brought to my attention by the gal named Val, of shortbread and good behavior fame, that I might have troubles driving around these parts:

Note that one can be concerned for a driver in winter without interferring with other people's lives!

However, as a little (?)  old (yes, definitely) driver,  so lively (?) and quick(?)  it does not appear likely that wind turbines will disturb Rudolf and my crew. There is, however, something sinister about this image. Note the lack of snow, and this was obviously rigged during the daytime. I personally suspect other energy sources playing on people's fears of the new and unknown. Billions of birds are killed by domestic cats. 100s of thousands more are killed by light pollution. Bats may be able to navigate the turbines but are sometimes victims of down-stream turbulence and that needs to be dealt with - and turbulence is a loss of energy and so a $$$ solution will be found and wild life will then benefit. Sad that it has to be that way - people! (Men!)

There is a considerable number of turbines in Germany. I took thes photos in Nov 2014.

For scale the sails are approx 27m long, When properly built and installed they are quieter than a rural road with a breeze in trees. Noise is loss of power. All the turbines I saw in NRW, Germany were computer controlled and could shut down to avoid a strobiscopic effect at sunrise or sunset on people and their homes.
I have seen it done while I was out running with a group of 10 turbines brought on the grid individually at approx 5min - 1km for me running - intervals. (We could see several turbines from our bedroom window. I personally don't mind them but friends who live closer to them  in the Eifel find them an eye-sore when they are out running - no problem with the noise.

However, why do this to people when there are alternatives? My good friend down in Niagara has been subject to what I might call harassement - just like my runner friend - not necessary: The following were taken on a German Autobahn:

I was not driving!!! Pentax and 18-200mm zoom cropped.Paint Shop Pro.

I think Europe is more environmentally friendly than Canadians have become:

 This is Amsterdam.

And now I must dash away, dash away ---------------


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