Sunday 11 December 2016

Survalence camera caught suspicious character

I did not know about this until Friday evening or was it Saturday afternoon?

You have wondered about "Father Christmas", der Weihnachtsmann, Pere Nöel, and Sinter/Santa Claus/Klaus and a certain charachter you all love - haven't you?

Well he was caught on camera while caring for his "team". Now be good, because he has already been checking his list of naughty/nice the first time through.
 W O B


  1. Is this a real photo? You both so look great in lovely natural wintry surroundings. Anne

  2. Of course, this is a real photo! And the characters in it are virtually real too. So now define "real" for me, please.

    Distant viewing helps too. Be good and I'll see you on Dec 25. (See, I check the list twice!) WOB