Friday 16 December 2016

Winter is not the cold war

Recently I have noticed that there are usually more than 100 Russian visitors to this blog . on their way to the USA and the wamth of Cuban relations? Only some 20 from the USA visit this site . Are they on the way to China to buy more drones now that China  has taken an interest in "Made in USA" drones?

Anyway, here, life is rather simple: just hardy plants survive the wind chill factor of -20C:

I drink my coffee on the balcony like everone else -

Notice that snow is a good insulator! I actually like snow for that very reason.

Looks pretty cool, doesn't it.

We have winter total -

Snow is better than the slush of March-April, isn't it?

And as you can see, we are right at the heart of white-water canoeing:

Just the neighbours are sometimes "suspicious" in keeping with the key word to past blogs:

Heat was not in the very soul the Saint printed, apparently. Although the rest of him was apparently "warm" when caught on the "trail" camera:


Have a good weekend and 4th Advent  -  W O B

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