Friday 9 December 2016

The Wayzgoose and the 2 Swans

Yesterday afternoon I skyped with several friends in Germany and told them I was about to go for a run when I looked outside and saw 2 swans a swimmin' behind the willow toward Leacock. I could not tell if they were mute or trumpeter - to my knowledge, I have never seen any tundra here. Sooo.

I set my run toward Leacock, the Gordon lightfoot Trail, over to Forest Ave, without ever seeing the swans again so they must remain unregistered, like the Wayzgoose!

So now that I have connected the loose ends, here is what I saw - including this "goose" to start:

Well, not quite - and discordantly off centre. I might do better later.

High and dry - the lake is down 70cm or so.

This "goose is not webbed enough:

Some old cedar fencing:

Light my way home before the snow:

Then the snow fell (fill-in flash sets the focus depth)

Saw a beaver while I was out but since it was not a bird I won't show it.


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