Friday 28 October 2022

On Friday Bill drove past Kilbear to Killarney, bearly!

 Verily, verily I say it was not today but rather September 30th.

And Vicki saw it first:

She saw it from research station cabin. However, you can see part of "The Hilton" at the right side of the photo.

I was closer when I saw it some time later:

I recalled then a phone call from a friend that his wife saw a bear up a tree:

This would have been some 300m west of us.

He said that there had been reports of a bear being seen in Tudhope Park, on the east side of us, also perhaps 300m away. He suggested that it might have crossed our property - did I have any reports or sightings?

So I looked, and sure enough on Mon July 4th around 4AM I had a bear in our Willow tree. Here is the sequence:

Do you get it?

Sirius-ly. I actually was after the aurora and did not react to the bear until after Donald asked me.


What is about the MacDonalds that drive bears up trees?


Does this prove that bears are camera-shy?

I think I'll skip the other, missing, days of the week. Maybe I'll look at just what I have in July and August in the Ursus maritimus direction - before I go due south or even west.

(The last 2 photos are from Ken via FB.)


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